Superyacht Spa Steward(ess) Training Course

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The Spa Port is proud to introduce the first online Superyacht Spa Steward(ess) Training Course.

The role of a Spa Therapist and a Steward(ess) onboard a superyacht is a dual role, and as the yachts get bigger so do their onboard spas and the demands on the therapist grow accordingly.

Maintaining and running a spa onboard a superyacht differs greatly in many ways to working onboard a cruise ship as a therapist or managing a land spa or salon. This course bridges the gap and allows a seamless transition into the superyacht industry.

The Superyacht Spa Steward(ess) Training Course is an introduction to the role of spa therapist/ steward(ess) and will teach the learner how to fulfil the role of spa therapist onboard a superyacht.  This includes how to manage the dual role aspect, as well as learn and understand the requirements and expectations associated with being a spa steward(ess).  The course also dives into the day to day running of a yacht encompassing both guest on and guest off periods.

The requests and demands of the yachts guests require a seven star service that would rival any of the worlds most revered land spas, and combining this with the duality of the therapists role can be challenging – yet very doable!

The Superyacht Spa Steward(ess) Training Course is split into five modules:

  • Module 1 – Module 1 in this course will help the student gain familiarity with his or her role as an Onboard Spa Therapist/Spa Manager and Stewardess and introduce the onboard spa itself.
  • Module 2 – Module 2 will familiarize the student with what is required from the onboard spa therapist when planning and preparing for a guest trip.
  • Module 3 – Module 3 will examine guest-on periods and guest interactions.
  • Module 4 – Module 4 will examine spa treatments and corresponding superyacht standards.
  • Module 5 – Module 5 will discuss post-guest trip spa rituals and tasks.

Each module is comprised of a video introduction, educational slides, and a quiz to complete before the next module begins.

This course has no expiry date and can be accessed at any time convenient to the student.

The learner will be fully supported by The Spa Port and on completion of the final exam the course is fully accredited by one of the worlds leading membership organisation and insurance providers for professionals working in the beauty, holistic and sports therapy industries.

The course creator Aileen Horan is a fully qualified massage, beauty and spa therapist.  She spent three years working as a spa therapist onboard cruise ships, ten years onboard superyachts managing some of the industry’s largest spas and the remainder of her career managing land spas before she launched The Spa Port in 2020.  The Spa Port supplies the spas onboard superyachts with therapist and equipment training, sourcing product and equipment, and recruits spa therapists and staff on behalf of the yachts.

The Superyacht Spa Steward(ess) Training Course is the first in a series of courses being launched by The Spa Port to give therapists, and future superyacht spa therapists, the knowledge and support they need when making this new and exciting step in their careers.

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The Spa Team onboard is integral to the overall guest experience. Spa and Wellness areas onboard yachts are getting bigger and more extravagant and their operational teams need to be of the highest standard.

  • Beauty Therapists
  • Massage Therapists
  • Make-Up Artists
  • Nail Technicians
  • Holistic Therapies
  • Other Specialist Skills
  • Hair Dressers 
  • Barbers
  • Fitness Instructors
  • Yoga Instructors
  • Pilates Instructors

All applicants should hold a valid ENG1 medical certificate, a valid passport and an STCW.